Sunday, October 25, 2009

How to Achieve Beautiful Eyebrows

A few weeks ago, I had a friend over for a makeover. She is low maintenance so I emphasized to her that if she is not going to wear makeup, she should at least draw her eyebrows as it will help frame her face. Sure enough, that night, many people compliment on her eyebrows and eye makeup. Filling in the eyebrows is often overlooked. It is one of those things where when you do it well, it is not a prominent feature. However, if you neglect it or color it too dark, it just stands not in a good way.

Since I feel like this is such an important step in an everyday routine, the following is a step-by-step tutorial on how to fill in your eyebrows.

Things you will need:

- brow powder or matte eyeshadow
- brow pencil
- an angle brush
- brow comb

The purpose of filling in your eyebrows is to define them while still keeping them looking natural. When choosing your brow powder and brow pencil, you should choose one that is one shade lighter than your brow hair color. Do not choose a darker than your natural hair color shade as this will make you look unnatural.

1. First, shape your eyebrows. For first timer, you may want to seek the help of a professional or purchase a kit from Sephora. If you are doing it yourself, refrain from over plucking. Brush your eyebrow hair in the direction that they grow in and pluck any excess, one tiny area at a time. Take a step back and check to see if it is the shape you like. Pluck more if needed. The key is to work on one small area at a time.

2. Groom you eyebrows with a comb in the direction you want the hair to lay.

3. Use the angle brush and lightly dip into the brow powder or matte eyeshadow. Tap off any excess. In feather strokes, fill in the outer half of the brow. Use the left over powder on the brush to fill in the inner half. Less product is needed in the inner half because you tend to have more hair in that section. Repeat if necessary.

4. Use a pencil in matching shade to extend the brow a little longer than where it naturally ended. Again, use short strokes.

5. Use the comb and brush your eyebrows again to blend out any harsh line.

Remember, your eyebrows are sister, not twin. The natural shape they grown in will be slightly different therefore they should look similar but not identical. Also, as I mentioned before, do not over pluck and make them too thin. A medium to thicker eyebrows lend a more youthful appearance.

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