Friday, April 6, 2012

Got2Be Rockin’ It Dry Shampoo Review

Dry shampoo has been around for a long time but I did not try it until now since I normally do not fuss around too much with my hair. I picked up Got2Be Rockin’ It Dry Shampoo recently and let me tell you, I am like, “Wow, it actually works. Why didn’t I try it sooner?”

Price: $5.99, purchased at Ulta

Pros: One day, I decided to do a scalp treatment, not something I normally do. Perhaps I used too much oil, it still look very greasy after I shampoo. I had to shampoo twice and my hair still look like it has not been wash in a week, just plain gross. Next morning, I sprayed Got2Be Rockin’ It Dry Shampoo and it just soaked up all the grease. My hair looks normal again. I was worry that it would leave white residue on my black hair but once I worked the product in and shook it off as instructed, the white powder disappear. Another great thing is that it also gives a bit of extra volume. All in all, two thumbs up.

Cons: Nothing that I can think of.

Rating: 5/5

Disclosure: The product(s) being review was purchased by me for personal use or review purpose.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dr. Jart+ Facebook Fan Giveaway

I have some giveaway news I want to share with you.  Starting TODAY through Friday, April 6th, Dr. Jart+ will be rewarding one fan per day with a Dr. Jart+ prize package, featuring our Water Fuse and Premium Beauty Balms (both of which I had reviewed) along with our NEW limited release Hydrogel and Pore Medic cloth facial masks. Visit our Dr. Jart+ Facebook page and click on our Spring Giveaway tab to enter. One winner will be selected everyday, for a total of five prize winners.

Dr Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm Review

Dr Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm Review

Sunday, April 1, 2012


I know that it has been a month since I my last post.  The reason for the lack of activity is because I have just given birth three weeks ago.  Life as a new mom has been very different from when I was pregnant.  I wish there is more time in a day, finding time to sit down for dinner or take a shower is golden.  As demanding as motherhood has been, at the end of the day, there is an indescriable level of satisfaction. 

Having said that, I still would like to keep this blog alive.  Eventhough, it is no where as popular as say Pixiwoo (I love both of them, btw), it is still something of my own, my escape, my "me" time.  I am just going to have to be more selective in what I chose to review due to lack of time, it will probably, mostly be products that really standout.  Thank you to those following me thus far and continue to come back to visit from time to time. 


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