Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sunscreen Showdown!!!

Clinique Face Cream spf 50 ($17.50/1.7oz)
I like the bright yellow packaging and the high spf level. It has a nice creamy texture that blends and absorb easily. It’s not greasy but does leave a bit of a sheen. I have used this a handful of time and have nothing negative to say about it. It is great for beach and a day of outdoor activities but a little too heavy for everyday use.

Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Corrector Spf 20 ($42.50/1.7oz)
This is very cosmetically elegant in my opinion. It is best suited for dry skin because it is lightweight yet moisturizing. Absorb quicky and foundation applies beautifully on top. However, I think it is too expensive for a sunscreen and that the spf level is not high enough for me. I do not use this everyday so I can’t comment on how it performs as a skin brightener.

Goodskin All Calm spf 25 ($14/1.7oz)
It is tinted, very light beige. Wow, so white on me, no matter how much I rub it in and I am light skin to begin with. It is also hard to spread. Next!

Sunscience Organic Daily Wear spf 30
I had high hope for this and want to love it since it is organic. Unfortunately, again, such obvious white cast. There are days where I don’t wear makeup and not wanting to look like a Geisha, you know.

Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Sun Damage Spf 28 ($12/2.5oz)
Not listed as an active ingredient but titanium dioxide is pretty high up in the ingredient list. It has a nice texture, probably due to its silicon base, which allows makeup to comfortable glide over. I am on the fence about where I stand with silicon. Horrible packaging, the pump on my bottle does not work. It sometime peel when you apply foundation on top if you apply the sunscreen generously or it does not dry completely. Since it does feel very nice on and under makeup, it is worth a try to see if it works for you.

Eucerine Sensitive Skin spf 30 ($9/4oz)
I like that this is cheap because you are supposed to apply sunscreen liberally and I do tend to skim a little bit when it is expensive. It is a physical sunscreen that claims not to leave a white cast due to micro nano technology. However, it makes my face looks whiter even under tinted moisturizer. Most suitable for normal/combo skin type, drier skin will need an extra layer of moisturizer underneath. I am not too crazy about it under makeup as it does not have a slippery surface for foundation to glide over like the Garnier sunscreen.

Are you loving your sunscreen? Do share!

Disclosure: The product(s) being review is purchased by me for personal use or review purpose.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Review Lumene Revitalizing Cleansing Oil

Packaging: Pink pump bottle. It has one of those rotate pumps that you can lock, which I like.

Price: $9.99 at Wegmans. Ulta and CVS also carry Lumene products.

Pros: It is cheap for a cleansing oil. No offensive scent. It is also mild enough to not irritate or dry out my sensitive skin.

Cons: You have to use a separate cleanser afterward because it leaves a very greasy film. It is not the best at makeup removing. After I rinsed with water, I swiped my face and there is still residue left. So now, I just wipe my face with a tissue and proceed with my regular cleanser.

Final Thoughts: Even though it did not irritate my skin, I am not impressed by this product either. It is decent enough for me to finish the bottle before trying something else. For the price, if you are really really curious, I’d said go ahead, give it a try, you might like it.

Disclosure: The product(s) being review was purchase by me for personal use or review purpose.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Winner of the Youthful Trends Primer

Hi there. Not sure if my direction for entering the contest was confusing because blog members could have entered twice but some only entered once. Anyway, we have a winner!

Congratulation Skaki!!! Hope you'll enjoy it.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Q&A: What is your favorite tool for liquid foundation?

Hello beauties! Just a reminder, there is only a few days left to enter my Primer Giveaway.

I want to start a new series of Q&A. I’ll ask a question (share my answer) and you answer. This is in hope that many will participate so that we can share and learn from each other. If you have a question you want to ask me and your fellow beauties, feel free to email me your question(s) at

What is your favorite tool for applying your “liquid” foundation? Why?

My favorite tool is the MAC 187 brush because it uses less foundation yet gives better coverage, probably due to the stippling motion. As a result, you look more natural yet imperfections are covered. Now, your turn…

Have a question you want to ask? Let me know!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lancome French Coquettes

The French Coquettes is Lancome Fall 2010 Collection by Artistic Director Aaron De Mey. It is 90 degree and humid outside so it is really hard to think about Fall. However, I am drawn to this glamorous, bold and seductive collection.

This collection features shades of deep plums, shimmering charcoals, and sophisticated nudes. The La Rose D├ęco below is an all-over powder that gives a subtle shine; a new mix between shaded tones of rose wood and a touch of pink glow.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Stila Travel Girl Palette: Road to Radiance Across the U.S.A.

Stila is launching a limited edition travel palettes, each for the five stila girls as they travel around the globe. Each palette is launching per month, now through December.

The first palette is this Road to Radiance Across the USA. The following four other palettes are France (releasing mid July), Russia, Japan, and Fiji.

This cute, collectable palette includes:

Four Eye Shadows:
- Snow Bunny (shimmery champagne)
- Southern Belle (mauve)
- Valley Girl (pink)
- City Chick (alloy)

Convertible Color:
- Hibiscus

Price: Only $10 each

Pros: Well, the price is awesome. The design is cute and I love the big mirror. These are about 4X2 inches, won’t take up much space in your makeup bag. I love the cream blush Hibiscus, it give such a natural flush of pinkness. The shadows are nice pink and mauve neutral, a nice break from your normal brown and taupe neutral. Even though not super pigment, they are easy to apply, blend, no falls out and stay put.

Cons: Can’t think of any.

Overall: Can’t wait to see the other four palettes, these are fun collectibles that won’t put a dent in your wallet. I am always a fan of good, budget friendly makeup.

Disclosure: The product(s) being review was purchased by me for personal use or review purpose.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Review Avon Advance Techniques Lotus Shield

The new Avon Lotus Shield is an anti-frizz serum that designs to add a waterproof layer to the hair to repel moisture and humidity.

Packaging: A squeeze tube with a small nozzle opening. Much like Elmo glue tube but prettier.

Price: $12 for a 2 oz tube, available at This is a new product that will be release sometime in late July. Avon tends to have special introductory price for their new products.

For reference, I have medium thick, naturally wavy long hair. My ends are a little bit coarse and on the dry side. My hair can get very frizzy in the summer especially in humid weather.

Pros: It has a pleasant smell, non greasy, and weightless. Some serum, after I applied it to my hair, there is still this greasy residue left on my hands, but not with this.

As for performance, when use correctly, I am happy with the result. It does help with frizz by maybe 80%. That is pretty good considering it is summer. My ends are kind of coarse, dry and dull and what I like most about this serum is that it softens and adds shine to my ends.

Cons: It does not say on the bottle that it will protect your hair from thermal heat. So, does this mean I need to use a separate product when I use heated styling tools?

Overall: It eliminates frizz, adds shine, and soften hair, all this without being greasy or heavy. What is there not to like? I have to note that I was disappointed the first time I tried this. My hair was still really frizzy that day. I discovered that since there is no direction on how much to use, I started with a pea and it did nothing. I have since used more, about a nickel to quarter size for my long hair. So if it is not working for you initially, try using a larger amount.

Disclosure: This review contains sample sent by PR for consideration. The review is base on my honest personal opinions and experience. We do not promise review nor receive compensation for doing so.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Review Shu Uemura Architect Foundation

Hello beauties, I hope you guys have a wonderful long weekend. Today review is the Shu Uemura Architect Foundation. Shu Uemura is a Japanese brand that you can order online or get at some Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus locations in the U.S (but these counters are closing or fading out). Lets get to the product review, shall we?

Packaging: Glass bottle with a white pump.

Performance: The first time I applied this, the first thought that came to mind was “holy cow”! Seriously, it is so lightweight and blends so seamlessly that it feels and looks like I have nothing on. I got 764, which is a shade too dark for me but because it blends so well, I can get away with it without looking off. Lately, my skin is a little finicky. It gets dehydrate at some spots and also acne prone. I applied Chanel and Clinique Supermoist (which I love because it is moisturizing like a tinted moisturizer) and neither one works, they were both very flaky which just look awful. I tried again with this foundation a few days later and it just looks so natural, I couldn’t believe it. I think it should also work for girls with combination skin because it is sea water base. It is not the least greasy and stay put very well.

This is pricey for a foundation, I think the most I have ever spent but you only need very little product. One pump max (pea size) is all you need. I either use the MAC 187 stippling brush to stipple this on. Or if I am lazy, I just make a few dots and use Everyday Mineral Flat Top brush to stipple quickly and blend in circular motion.

Finish: Semi-matte finish with medium buildable coverage. It is just a tad bit too matte for me. Personally I prefer a semi-dewy finish, just a little bit of a glow.

Shade Guide: The one downfall with this product is the confusing shade selection and Shu Uemura doesn’t have a guide on their website. Anyway, all foundations come with a 3 digits code. The first digits indicate the undertone. 5 being pink undertone, 7 neutral and 9 is yellow. On the Shu Uemura website, they describe both 7 and 9 as warm. The second digits indicate the intensity, with 8 being the lightest and darker as the number get smaller. The third digits is a null, does not mean anything. Before I get a chance to post this, I also bought another bottle, shade 974. 764 is currently a little dark for me, it is probably NC25-NC30. 974 is a better match, probably around NC20 and the yellow undertone is not too overwhelming, it actually brighten my face and counteracts the redness on my cheeks very nicely.

Price: $42 for .9oz at or Shu Uemura. Unfortunately, the selection from Sephora is limited and the swatch is also not accurate.

Disclosure: The product(s) being review is purchased by me for personal use or review purpose.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Giveaway – Youthful Trends Primer with Caffeine

I received this unique 100% natural liquid primer with main ingredients such as caffeine, cucumber, and aloe vera juice. You can read more about it here. In the name of “good karma”, I’ll be giving this away to one lucky winner. I ask in return, you will write a review after you give this product a fair trial and email me your review.

This is a 2 oz bottle, value at $30.


1st Chance : Just leave a comment and make sure I have your email address.

2nd Chance: As a special thank you to my followers, you get an extra entry by leaving me another comment letting me know you are a follower.

3rd Chance: If you really want this, blog about this giveaway and paste the post link in the comment section.

All entries must be entered by 11:59PM Sunday July 25th. Winner will be selected through Sorry, this is currently only open to U.S. and Canada residents.

Thank you and good luck!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Latest Hauls

Hello. Hope you guys are enjoying your long weekend. This is my latest hauls from various places. A quick sneak peak at some of the stuff I may be reviewing soon.

Ever since I started taking vitamins, it is the best things I ever did for my hair. It doesn't fall out as much as it used to.

Pangea Mask is an old favorite of mine.

I am liking this eye cream so far.

For someone who is hair challenge, the spin pin is awesome!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Review the New Milani Infinite Liquid Eye Liner

Price: $5.99 at CVS

Pros: 01 is a beautiful medium metallic blue. It’s vivid but not too flashy. As for the formula, it’s creamy, pigmented, smudge proof. I also find it easy to apply and I am not the best when it comes to liquid liner. The price is also great especially when compares to something similar from MAC. Also comes in shades of black, purple, green, and I believe brown too.

Cons: Can’t think of any.

Final Thoughts: I would rebuy and try out other color as well.

Disclosure: The product(s) being review is purchased by me for personal use or review purpose.


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