Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Avon Hello Green Tomorrow

Avon Products, Inc. has launched Hello Green Tomorrow, a unique global grassroots mobilization in over 65 countries worldwide. The first goal of this environmental movement is to restore trees in the Atlantic Rainforest, in partnership with The Nature Conservancy. Avon started the campaign by donating $1 million to replant 1 million trees in this critically-endangered region.

With just $1 per tree, you can join this unique global mobilization and help save the Atlantic Rainforest for today and for the next generation.

Imagine breathing with only seven percent of your lungs. The Atlantic Rainforest in South America helps serve as the "lungs of the earth," but only seven percent remains, making it one of the world’s most critically endangered ecosystems. This is important to all of us, wherever we live.

As the “lungs of the earth”, tropical forests such as the Atlantic Rainforest are vital to our survival. Rainforests help reduce pollution, mitigate climate change, and support a vast array of wildlife, including many species found nowhere else. Already 93% of the Atlantic Rainforest has been destroyed, but with just one dollar, you can help us restore it.

So wonder how you can help? Join the environmental movement by visiting hellogreentomorrow.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Avon Aquadelic Quad Swatches

I purchased this quad when it first came out because I was drawn to the aqua shade. However, it tooks me forever to receive it. First, maybe because of the huge snow storms in February, it took 2 weeks for the postal service to deliver this to me. Then when I opened the box, I discovered that it was broken and pigments were everywhere. So of course I have to wait some more for a replacement. Anyway…

The white shade is useless, tons of falls out, no pigment. My favorite is the gray, just the right shade of gray and dark enough but not too dark. I like the aqua and peachy shade as well except I wish they have a shimmery rather than matte finish. Bright matte shade just seem a little flat to me. I wish the website have better description of the eyeshadow’s finishes or swatches.

Price: $8 @

Saturday, March 20, 2010

ELF Mineral Eye Primer vs. Too Faced Shadow Insurance

For those who are not familiar, the purposes of eyeshadow primer are to prevent eyeshadow from creasing, act as a base to give eyeshadow something to adhere to (especially true with loose pigment and mineral eyeshadow) and also help color show up more vibrant. Eyeshadow primer normally comes in a creamy or cream to powder like consistency.

In this article, I will not only do a product review but also a comparison between two different eye primer, ELF Mineral Eye Primer (EMEP) versus Too Faced Shadow Insurance (TFSI). TFSI is a popular, higher end eye primer that has been around for quite some time and has built quite a reputation. Whereas, EMEP is a new comer and much more budget friendly. (Please note that ELF has two primers and this review is for the mineral one)

Packaging: TFSI is packaged in a squeeze tube. EMEP is in a tube with an applicator wand. Both are hygienic (compare to a jar) and practical but pretty design goes to TFSI. Also, EMEP lid crack on me after a month.

Texture: ELF primer is a cream to powder consistency. TFSI is creamier in comparison.

Performance: I’ll start with TFSI. Its creamy consistency makes it a good choice for people with dry eyelid. I also find that it leaves a very smooth finish. It does an exceptional job at keeping your eyeshadow intact. I have been caught in the rain (for 4 plus hours during a photo shoot) and another time, I took an afternoon nap and neither incident ruined my makeup.

As for the ELF Mineral Eye Primer, it does what a primer suppose to, as in prevent creasing and fading. I do like this primer. My only complaint would be the creamy to powdery finish can make my eyelid a bit dry and flaky. The good thing is that once you applied eyeshadow, it helps smooth out any flakiness. Also, since it has a powdery finish, it does not allow eyeshadow to adhere to the base as well when compare to TFSI.

Price: TFSI is $17/.35oz and EMEP is $3

Bottom line, if you can afford it then go with Too Faced Shadow Insurance, it is my pick. However, if you are looking for something more budget friendly then ELF Mineral Eye Primer is a good alternative.

Friday, March 12, 2010

New! Harajuku Sunshine Cuties - Lil' Angel

Packaging: Cute and girly. I can definitely see someone collecting these dolls as collectible items.

The scent I am reviewing is Harajuku Sunshine Cuties “Lil’ Angel”. It smells like a mix citrus, vanilla, and floral, definitely very fresh and summery (is that a word?). When I first wear this, I can smell the tangy from the citrus. It is not overwhelming, but I would prefer if the tangy scent was lighter and stronger notes of vanilla and floral. This is long lasting, after 7 hours and several hand washed, the scent still linger on my wrists. Actually I like it better as the day goes by because I can smell more of the vanilla and floral scent. Overall, I think this is a nice refreshing scent for the summer.

Price: $30 for .33oz (available at Sephora)

Disclosure: This review contains sample sent for consideration. The review is base on my honest personal opinions. We do not promise review nor receive compensation for doing so.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Origins Recycling Program

I just found out about Origins recycling program which I thought is really cool and want to share it with my readers. What happen is that most community recycling programs only recycle packaging that are easily recognize and since most cosmetic packaging are not consider as easily recyclable, they often end up in landfills.

Origins started this program last year 2009, accepting any cosmetic packaging, regardless of brand. You can drop off your empty containers at any Origins store or department counter nationwide and you’ll even get a free sample of their skincare. In addition, this April 2nd, Origins is hosting various recycling events throughout major cities, including sample giveaway.

Visit Origins for more info.

Alright, I spread the words, now it’s your turn to go do some good :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

1 Year Anniversary Giveaway!

I can’t believe it but end of March will mark 1 year since I started this blog, time sure flies by. In celebration, I will be having a giveaway.

I sometime have my hesistation about drugstore eyeshadows but I am excited about the NEW Maybelline Saphire Siren Quad (Retail $9.99). It's very pretty and good color payoff. So I'll be giving that away along with other goodies.

NEW Maybelline Sapphire Siren Quad
VS Lipgloss in Cupquake
Avon Astonishing Length Mascara
DHC Velvet Skin (primer) sample
DHC Moisturizer sample
2 DHC Q10 Facial Cleansing Sheets (great for travel)

How to enter:
1. Subscribe to be a member (right sidebar)
2. Leave me a comment to let me know that you did.
Optional: Also share with us your favorite product(s) for spring/summer.

BONUS Entry:
If you have a blog, add this giveaway to your post or side bar. You will be allowed to enter an additional comment with the URL of your post as your second entry.

This is open to all US readers and contest end on March 31st 2010. Winner will be selected randomly using and will be announce shortly. Check back to see if you win.

Good Luck!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscar 2010 Best Dressed

Of course, the best dressed is moi opinion. Pictures are sourced from Yahoo.

Rachel McAdams. I loveee the print.

Elizabeth Banks

Demi Moore. She looks stunning at 47.

Anna Kendrick
Hmm...see a similarity in all these dresses?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Harajuku's New Summer Scents

Personally, I am so sick of winter weather right now. Fortunately, winter is on its way out and soon we'll want to sport glowing tans and perfect pedicured toes. Harajuku welcomes the warm weather with five fresh new summer scents, Love, Lil’ Angel, Music, Baby, and G. These Sunshine Cuties are limited edition.

Here are their description:

Love: A fruity floral, Love mixes and matches a vintage inspired one piece with modern wrap around removable sunglasses. A red Hibiscus flower is the perfect accessory to keeping her ponytail in place.

Lil' Angel: A citrus vanilla, Lil’ Angel suits up in a teeny weeny navy blue bikini scattered with sweet yellow and white hearts (showing her love for the beach)! Never without her signature headband, she dresses it with a few fragrant Plumeria flowers to channel a tropical vibe.

Music: A sensuous floral, Music keeps it nautical. Her navy and white striped bikini is trimmed in bright cherry red and accented with some sweet and playful bows. A red Hibiscus hair flower makes the perfect topper. Aye Aye, it’s super kawaii!

Baby: A dewy floral, Baby is a quintessential girlie girl in a pink on pink polka dot bikini with ruched top and string bottom. A few Plumeria flowers nestled in her hair add the finishing touch to her super kawaii ensemble.

G: A creamy musky, G wears a tuxedo bandeau bikini top and for a pop of color, turquoise boy short bottoms. Her sweet headband is adorned with a mix of tropical Plumeria flowers.

The new Harajuku Girl Sunshine Cuties are $30 each and available at Sephora, Macys and Nordstrom.


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