Monday, November 23, 2009

Product Review: Avon Reversalist Night Cream

Avon’s Reversalist Night Cream and Reversalist Serum are the latest addition to Avon’s skincare line. The main ingredient in the night cream and serum is Activinol. According to Avon, this breakthrough anti-aging technology is proven in clinical studies to increase the production of Activin, which helps skin cells repair themselves at a faster rate. The faster dead cells turn over, the quicker fresh, healthy cells can replace them leading to beautiful, younger looking skin.

I was given samples of the Reversalist Cream and Reversalist Serum. My mom and I have been testing this night cream for the past few weeks. First, I’ll share my experience with the night cream. When I first read the box, it did caution that people with sensitive skin may feel a tingling sensation. I was worried after reading this because I have sensitive skin that is easily inflamed. However for the sake of this review, I bravely slathered on the cream anyway. The texture is creamy yet light and non greasy. It does contain fragrance, though very light and pleasant. I did feel very slight tingling sensation; however, it was very mild even for my sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, I would recommend you to first do a patch test.

I only used the cream on my face twice because I was in the middle of another skincare routine. I did however use the night cream on my hands which have some sun spots. I soon noticed a more even skin tone and the freckles on my hands are becoming lighter. Also, the next morning, my skin feels oh so soft and smooth.

My mom whose skin is more mature, with fine lines, wrinkles and hyper pigmentation, also tried the night cream. She is an impatient consumer who will loose interest in a product unless she sees results quickly. Let’s just say she likes it so much that she asked me for a back up. It has helped firm, diminish fine lines, and even out her skin tone. I think the Reversalist line is worth a try.


  1. I had good experience with Avon Anew (Rejuventate) products. I have sensitive skin and they cleared it up completely and now my skin is clear and lunimous! When they go on sale it's the best time to buy. :-)

  2. Yup, with Avon, there's always a sale around the corner!



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