Thursday, September 24, 2009

Review on Wedding Reception Venues in the Washington DC Area. (Part I)

I knew that planning a wedding would be labor intensive but as I engross in the process, I am a little surprise at how time consuming it is. Not that I am complaining because it have been fun so far. There are lots of websites out there to help you find vendors. However, I have not really find one that pertain details information or review. I must have been to at least 20 places, seeking for a reception venue. There are places I don’t really care for and then there are places that are worth a trip to check out. Therefore, even though this site is mainly about beauty and skincare, I thought it would also be fun and helpful to other brides to blog about my wedding planning experience. Below are some of the places in Virginia and Washington DC that are worth checking out.

2941 Restaurant in Falls Church, VA

This is one of the first places that really struck a cord with me. The scenery is just gorgeous. It is the perfect place if you are looking for an outdoor ceremony. They have a little patio within a garden that also has a pond and a man built waterfall. The restaurant is built with floor to ceiling windows, capturing a lot of natural sun light. Because of the abundant in natural lighting and big glass windows, you still feel a sense of being outdoor even though you are inside. What also makes this a great venue is their impeccable menu. I have my share of fine dining experiences and their food and service is one of the best. The only draw back is that their private dinning room only holds up to 80 guests. For a larger party, you will have to buy out the entire restaurant, which is expensive!

Garden outside of 2941

Charlie Palmer

If you are looking to have your reception in a restaurant, Charlie Palmer is another place worth checking out. It is in the heart of downtown DC, near the capital. The ceremony and reception will be held on their rooftop, that can accommodate a large party, I believe up to 300 or more people.

Being in the heart of DC and on top of a roof, you and your guests will get gorgeous view of the capital, the city, and a small pond. Other than spectacular view and good food, there is just something “cool” about having a party on a rooftop. Only problem is your bill will be more on the high side.

Come back again for Part II of the review.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I've been looking for reception halls in Washington DC for my own upcoming wedding. So exciting- but definitely time consuming!

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