Monday, May 10, 2010

Get Healthy Skin Now!

Image Credit: Sephora

It is no surprise that we all want beautiful skin. The emphasis on perfection is more so today than ever because I think the media can put added pressure to both young girls who are dealing with acne and middle age women who are battling wrinkle with Photoshop celebrity photos and ads of flawless skin. So, just bear that in mind and do what you can to keep your skin healthy and age gracefully.

Here are some of my do and don’t when it comes to skincare:

-Do develop and follow a skin regimen. At the minimum, you should wash, moisturize, and use sunscreen. But it would be better to also incorporate serum and other treatment. You will find tips on how to in this 5 steps skincare article.

_Do always always remove your makeup and wash your face at night.

_Do wear sunscreen, even in the winter.

_Do eat your 3 servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

_Do eat fish at least once a week or take omega supplements.

_Do exercise. Exercise keeps you young in general and it’s the one advise I am giving you that I myself struggle with…sometime it’s just so hard to find time.

_Don’t smoke!

_Don’t sunbath.

_Don’t over exfoliate. Do not use harsh scrub if you have sensitive skin or rosacea.

_Don ‘t overdo with skincare and treatment. Sometime I feel like doing too much all at once can stress your skin out.

_Don’t neglect your neck and décolleté area.

Do you have any do and don’t to share?


  1. Love the blog! and a very nice post too. If I could share a "do," I would say to avoid excessive caffeine as well (although I have a difficult time doing his myself!).

  2. @Tiptoe21 - cute alias! Yes, avoiding excessive caffeine is a good do, I forgot. There are so many do and don't.



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