Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Victoria’s Secret, why are you treating your customer this way???

It has been over a month and whenever I think about it, it still upset me so I just got to vent. I went to VS in Tyson Corner, VA. The cashier was a Hispanic male (I should have asked for his name) whom asked if I would like to apply for their Angel card (credit card). I said no, I am not interested in applying for a credit card. He proceeded to wrapping the items I purchased. Before he rung me up, he persistently showed me their coupon book. He went on to say how great it is to be a member and they will send you weekly/monthly coupon. I repeated myself and said no I don’t want to apply for a card. He said oh no, it’s not, it’s free, it only takes a minute and asked for my driver license. Red flag! It’s my fault in that I should have known better whenever someone asked for my license but I wasn’t thinking, under pressure I gave him my license. Everything happened so quickly, 30 seconds later, I was done with my transaction.

I walked out of the store, checked my bag and my goodness, he slipped the credit card user agreement pamphlet into my bag. Sleek B! I specifically told him twice I don’t want to apply for a credit card and he never went over the APR rate and term of agreement with me like he should. I went back, asked to speak to a manager, told her what happened and demand that they cancel it right away. I got no apology what so ever from the both of them, instead I got disgruntle, go away kind of looks. At the store, I finally spoke to someone on the phone who confirmed me that the card is cancelled.

If that was not bad enough, a week later, I got a letter in the email and you guessed it, it was my lovely VS Angel card. Didn’t both the manager and whomever I spoke with on the phone confirmed that it was cancelled? Even if I call back to have this card cancel, I am still screwed because it had already affected my credit score. I am shock by their horrible customer service and the tactic their cashiers use to get customers to sign up for the credit card. Buyers BEWARE!!!

Anyone else get bad service at VS?


  1. I feel like VS sales people are not trained properly anymore. I'm glad you canceled it because that program is not free. You have to pay $13 per month for credit protection. Now, they change the policy that you need to have a balance less than $20 a month. I am so going to cancel mine after this month.

  2. Ohh...I didn't know about the monthly fee. It's a shame, I like VS, but not their business ethic.



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