Wednesday, June 9, 2010


There are few things I love as much as beauty stuff and they are definitely good food and travel. I love trying out new restaurants. The way to my heart is through my tummy, seriously! Over Memorial weekend, I had the pleasure of dinning at Morimoto in Philadelphia. The restaurant is owned by the famous Iron Chef Morimoto himself.

I was being brave, first time trying raw oyster, it was actually pretty refreshing. The dressing definitely helped.

Oh, the best dessert ever (1st one on the menu...Chocolate something).

There has already been talk about going back just for the dessert itself (told you I like to eat). People of Philly, do you have any other recommendation?


  1. That looks SO delicious! I've heard of Morimoto's restaurant a few years ago when they featured it in Food Network. Is it true that it's always booked with reservations?

  2. I had the tofu there and it was amazing.

  3. @ Tiptoe21. I am not sure if they are always book with reservations. We did have a reservation however, on a Monday Memorial Day, it was not pack, so I don't see why they wouldn't accept walk in.

    @ Fuz...hmm...I do love tofu, I'll try it next time.



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