Monday, June 14, 2010

Recommended Read: Makeup Makeovers: Weddings by Robert Jones

This is one of my favorite books on makeup. It is one of those books that don’t just sit there on your shelf and collects dust after you are done reading it the first time. From time to time, I still enjoy just flipping through the pages as this book is filled with inspirational makeovers. The great thing is that all the looks in this book is suitable for other occasion as well.

I am not sure how those who are very beginner with makeup will like this. Even though there are tips and how to section, this is not a book that is focus on “how-to” for beginner and there is also no product recommendation. Though since new products come out everyday and old one get discontinued, product recommendation is not necessary for me because I feel that it will soon be outdated in a few years anyway.

I couldn’t find this in my local library or bookstore. Though, it is available online at Check it out!


  1. I read Robert Jone's other book and I'm very impressed. I need to find this book at Border's and leaf through it.

  2. Hi Dao. What is the title of the book?



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