Thursday, June 3, 2010

Review Sephora Pure Natural Believer Palette

I did not plan on purchasing Sephora Pure Natural Palette but I needed something to reach $50 so I can get free shipping. I am sure glad I purchased it as it would comes in handy for my upcoming travel. For $15 (currently on sale), you get a blush and 6 eyeshadows which come out to be probably even cheaper than drugstore products. The online swatch is pretty close to what you’ll get in person. These have lovely silky texture and are very pigmented. My favorites are the neutral eyeshadow color which applied exactly as the color you see on the pot and they are more on the bronzy side. I am a little disappointed with the green; it is too sheer for my liking but overall, still a great buy!


  1. I have this palette and I don't think it's sheer at all! It's quite pigmented and easy to work with.

  2. Hi Dao. It is indeed pigmented, no buyer remorse here :)



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