Thursday, April 2, 2009

Product Review: Shiseido Skincare Cleanser and Night Moisturizer

I have sensitive skin that gets dry or inflame easily. Most cleanser I tried leaves my skin feeling “tight” afterward. So for the past couple years, I have been using Cetaphil most of the year. I don’t like that it contains SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) but it is in small enough amount that it does not irritate my skin. However, if you wear makeup or heavy sunscreen, it won’t remove it. Most days, I don’t wear a full face makeup and still it does not feel like it does a good job of cleansing.

My future sister-in-law gave me a set of Shiseido Skincare Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam and Shiseido Skincare Night Moisture Recharge. At first I hesitated to try because foam cleanser normally leaves my skin dry and tight. The foam from cleanser is from the SLS. However, this cleanser does not make a lot of foam (which is good). Instead when you add water, it creates this luxurious creamy texture. It feels very nice and smooth while I massage this on my face. After I rinse, my skin is clean, without any dryness. It has been a month or so and no sign of irritation. It’s a keeper!

Now for the lotion, it is a nice light texture. You only need 1-2 pumps for an entire face. It absorb well. It may not be moisturizing enough (Regular texture version) for those with very dry skin. It is a fine choice if you are just looking for a basic moisturizer. Personally, I like some antioxidant in my night lotion/cream.


  1. do you recommend the shiseido eye cream? i'm looking for a good eye cream to use at night but am not sure which is best for asian skin.

  2. I know their skincare line have the eye cream but I personally have not tested it out yet. Actually I believe you get a bonus gift with purchase from Shiseido this week at Macy.

    As for eye cream, I don't think Asian skin is what you should research on. Rather, what do you hope the cream would do for eye area? Such as just pure moisturizer, prevent wrinkles, dark circles (though there is no cure), etc?



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