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D.I.Y. Bridal Makeup Tutorial

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I have been writing a series of posts about wedding day skincare and it would not be complete without a post about makeup. I save the best for last  Are there any soon to be bride planning on doing your own makeup? It could be because the economy is tough right now or just because you want to do it yourself. It’s funny how we said men don’t notice these things but my fiancĂ© actually requested that I do my own makeup. I am flatter that he thinks I have skill. Still, I am nervous but I think I can pull it off. So, I am no professional but this is from my experience and how I would go about it. Hope you will find it helpful.

Hopefully you have been diligent with your skincare routine and everything is in top shape. If not, it is okay, that is what good concealer is for.

1. Always start your makeup with a fresh, clean face. You can spray a moisturizing and soothing toner after you cleansed your face.

2. Use a moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin type. For flash photography, avoid using product with sunscreen as it can give your face a white cast.
(In my experience, I only get a white cast from physical sunscreen so you may be safe with a low spf level of chemical sunscreen. However, don’t just take my words for it as we all use different products. Always do one or two trial run, take some pictures and see if you like the result)

3. Apply a primer of choice. There are many different types, such as, for moisturizer, oil control, pore minimizer, skin tone corrector. Make Up Forever has color primer intend to correct skin tone. Pink and mauve are for brightening and green is for neutralizing redness.

4. Wait a few minutes for primer to absorb then apply your favorite foundation. Personally, for special occasion, I prefer liquid and cream foundation over powder as it provides better coverage.

5. Spot conceal where necessary. For concealing under eye areas, I have done reviews on Bobbi Brown Corrector and Benefit Erase Paste.

6. Set your foundation with a setting powder.

7. This step is optional – apply your bronzer. Do not go too dark or it will look unnatural. Just apply it anywhere the sun would hit your face, like your cheeks, temple, bridge of nose, and don’t forget your neck. Blend, blend, and blend.

8. Even if you wear a bronzer, you should still wear some blush on the apple of your cheeks because it will look more natural and flattering. The trick to make your blush long lasting is by layering. First apply a layer of cream blush and I like doing this using a skunk brush. Then apply another layer of matching color powder blush on top to set.

9. As always, don’t forget your brows. You can read my tutorial on how to draw your eyebrows.

10. Follow with your eye makeup. I will hold off on this as eye makeup should be another tutorial on it own. Beside, there are so many different looks and variations.

11. In between step 2 and 3, you should apply a moisturizing lip treatment. By the time you are done with your makeup, you would have enough time for it to absorb. Blot any excess off with a tissue. If you like to neutralize your lips, you can pat on some concealer. By doing this, it also help your lipstick last longer.

12. Line your lips and apply a matching lipstick using a lip brush. I find that when apply with a brush, my lipstick last longer as well. Blot your lips on a tissue and add another layer with a lip brush. Apply a little bit of gloss only on the middle of your bottom lip for a pouty look.

13. For extra protection, you can set your makeup with a finishing spray. You can use MAC Fix+ or Skindinavian (they have a variety of spray depending on skin type and purpose)

Voila you’re done!

This concludes my bridal series. It was a lot of writing so I hope you guys enjoy it and find it helpful. If you yourself have any tips, please share with us!

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  1. you have a great blog.I really enjoy your insight and your 'findings'. thanks sharing with us.

  2. Aww...thanks photo4 for a sweet and supportive comment.

  3. I sometimes do eye makeup before foundation, especially if there's a chance for fallout under the eyes. That way it's easier to clean up because you don't need to reapply foundation/concealer under the eye.

  4. @ RecoveringActor. That is a great tips, thanks! Applying powder under the eye to catch fall out and brush it off after you are done with your eyes makeup also work.



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