Thursday, July 8, 2010

Review Shu Uemura Architect Foundation

Hello beauties, I hope you guys have a wonderful long weekend. Today review is the Shu Uemura Architect Foundation. Shu Uemura is a Japanese brand that you can order online or get at some Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus locations in the U.S (but these counters are closing or fading out). Lets get to the product review, shall we?

Packaging: Glass bottle with a white pump.

Performance: The first time I applied this, the first thought that came to mind was “holy cow”! Seriously, it is so lightweight and blends so seamlessly that it feels and looks like I have nothing on. I got 764, which is a shade too dark for me but because it blends so well, I can get away with it without looking off. Lately, my skin is a little finicky. It gets dehydrate at some spots and also acne prone. I applied Chanel and Clinique Supermoist (which I love because it is moisturizing like a tinted moisturizer) and neither one works, they were both very flaky which just look awful. I tried again with this foundation a few days later and it just looks so natural, I couldn’t believe it. I think it should also work for girls with combination skin because it is sea water base. It is not the least greasy and stay put very well.

This is pricey for a foundation, I think the most I have ever spent but you only need very little product. One pump max (pea size) is all you need. I either use the MAC 187 stippling brush to stipple this on. Or if I am lazy, I just make a few dots and use Everyday Mineral Flat Top brush to stipple quickly and blend in circular motion.

Finish: Semi-matte finish with medium buildable coverage. It is just a tad bit too matte for me. Personally I prefer a semi-dewy finish, just a little bit of a glow.

Shade Guide: The one downfall with this product is the confusing shade selection and Shu Uemura doesn’t have a guide on their website. Anyway, all foundations come with a 3 digits code. The first digits indicate the undertone. 5 being pink undertone, 7 neutral and 9 is yellow. On the Shu Uemura website, they describe both 7 and 9 as warm. The second digits indicate the intensity, with 8 being the lightest and darker as the number get smaller. The third digits is a null, does not mean anything. Before I get a chance to post this, I also bought another bottle, shade 974. 764 is currently a little dark for me, it is probably NC25-NC30. 974 is a better match, probably around NC20 and the yellow undertone is not too overwhelming, it actually brighten my face and counteracts the redness on my cheeks very nicely.

Price: $42 for .9oz at or Shu Uemura. Unfortunately, the selection from Sephora is limited and the swatch is also not accurate.

Disclosure: The product(s) being review is purchased by me for personal use or review purpose.


  1. i've been really enjoying your reviews! i might try 974 next time :). i just purchased this in 764 a little while ago and also found it a tad too yellow. but to sum it up its basically everything i would want revlon colourstay to be; its matte and long lasting too but much easier to blend and has a pump.

  2. Hi Sami. I just want to warn you that 974 is actually lighter and more yellow than the 764 so I am not sure if you will like it if you think the 764 is too yellow.

  3. oh my! i actually don't mind it so much as like you said it does a great job at covering up pink but found it a tad too dark as well. thanks so much for the advice. really helps as i dont a shu counter to check out in my city.

  4. I love Shu Uemura products! But I hate the way they number all their products - I can't remember ANY of them!

  5. i've always wanted to try some of Shu Uemura's products but they are so dam pricey @_@ this foundation sounds amazing! thanks for the review.

  6. I'm looking into a foundation that's good for the summer. This is one of the ones I am considering. Thanks for the review : )



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