Monday, July 12, 2010

Review Avon Advance Techniques Lotus Shield

The new Avon Lotus Shield is an anti-frizz serum that designs to add a waterproof layer to the hair to repel moisture and humidity.

Packaging: A squeeze tube with a small nozzle opening. Much like Elmo glue tube but prettier.

Price: $12 for a 2 oz tube, available at This is a new product that will be release sometime in late July. Avon tends to have special introductory price for their new products.

For reference, I have medium thick, naturally wavy long hair. My ends are a little bit coarse and on the dry side. My hair can get very frizzy in the summer especially in humid weather.

Pros: It has a pleasant smell, non greasy, and weightless. Some serum, after I applied it to my hair, there is still this greasy residue left on my hands, but not with this.

As for performance, when use correctly, I am happy with the result. It does help with frizz by maybe 80%. That is pretty good considering it is summer. My ends are kind of coarse, dry and dull and what I like most about this serum is that it softens and adds shine to my ends.

Cons: It does not say on the bottle that it will protect your hair from thermal heat. So, does this mean I need to use a separate product when I use heated styling tools?

Overall: It eliminates frizz, adds shine, and soften hair, all this without being greasy or heavy. What is there not to like? I have to note that I was disappointed the first time I tried this. My hair was still really frizzy that day. I discovered that since there is no direction on how much to use, I started with a pea and it did nothing. I have since used more, about a nickel to quarter size for my long hair. So if it is not working for you initially, try using a larger amount.

Disclosure: This review contains sample sent by PR for consideration. The review is base on my honest personal opinions and experience. We do not promise review nor receive compensation for doing so.

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