Friday, April 6, 2012

Got2Be Rockin’ It Dry Shampoo Review

Dry shampoo has been around for a long time but I did not try it until now since I normally do not fuss around too much with my hair. I picked up Got2Be Rockin’ It Dry Shampoo recently and let me tell you, I am like, “Wow, it actually works. Why didn’t I try it sooner?”

Price: $5.99, purchased at Ulta

Pros: One day, I decided to do a scalp treatment, not something I normally do. Perhaps I used too much oil, it still look very greasy after I shampoo. I had to shampoo twice and my hair still look like it has not been wash in a week, just plain gross. Next morning, I sprayed Got2Be Rockin’ It Dry Shampoo and it just soaked up all the grease. My hair looks normal again. I was worry that it would leave white residue on my black hair but once I worked the product in and shook it off as instructed, the white powder disappear. Another great thing is that it also gives a bit of extra volume. All in all, two thumbs up.

Cons: Nothing that I can think of.

Rating: 5/5

Disclosure: The product(s) being review was purchased by me for personal use or review purpose.

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