Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Introducing Willa Skincare

I am here today to introduce you to Willa Skincare, a new all natural skincare brand designed to address the needs of young girls, created by a young girl (with the help of her mom, Christy)!! The line is free of chemicals, petroleum and dyes.

I was sent a few samples to test drive. While I am far from being a teenager, I thought cleanser, body lotion and lip balm are basic and general enough that I can give a fair assessment.

Start Fresh Foaming Face Wash is a self foaming face wash that is light in both feel and scent. It is effective in removing light makeup and leaving your skin freshly cleanse. I appreciate that this cleanser is free of SLS, unlike many foaming cleanser out there. Unfortunately my skin feels a little tight after cleansing but it could really well be dehydrated due to air conditioner.

Like their face wash, Be Brilliant Natural Body Lotion also have very light and fresh scent. The texture itself is also light and absorb quickly. It is the perfect body lotion for summer when you need to care for your skin without the heaviness of a cream.

Born to Glow SPF 15 Daily Tinted Shimmer Lotion claims to protect your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays while giving you a dose of glamour! I have to warn that the SPF level is too low to use as a standalone sunscreen. While the shimmer is pretty, it is a bit too shimmery and glittery to use all over for someone my age. I instead use it as a body highlighter, i.e. on my sheens, collar bone, upper shoulder, and it works fine.

Smile Butter Lip Balm in vanilla is a clear balm that smells really good, not too strong. It is thick, moisturizing and non-sticky. I like it, include the packaging and would love to try the other (with color).

You can purchase Willa Skincare from their website, Willa Skincare and Target or JCREW Crewcut.

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