Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How to Choose the Right Scent For You

Hi there.  Today I want to share with you a guest post written by Grace Nolan on behalf of Essential Fragrances, specialists in both men and women's fragrances.  I learned a thing or two from her tips and I hope you will enjoy them as well.  (This is not a sponsor post)

There are many people who choose a fragrance by having a quick smell of it whilst in they’re in a shop and then purchase it straight away. But it’s not as simple as this. If you want a perfume which is perfect for you, here’s some advice:

Start with a blank canvas
Before you go shopping for a new perfume, avoid using any other fragranced product. This will clash with the scent of any fragrances that you try on and make them smell different from what they actually smell like.

The Terms:
Perfume - Perfume is often available in small bottles but is very expensive because it is created from perfume oil and alcohol. It has a very strong scent and is most likely to last throughout the day.

Eau de Cologne - This type of fragrance is made from a mixture of perfume oil, alcohol and water. Eau de Cologne is usually light and very refreshing as it usually contains citrus oil. Perfect for wearing during the day.

Eau de Parfum - Eau de Parfum is usually a heavy fragrance as it has high amounts of oil mixed with alcohol. It is always lighter than perfume meaning it’s less expensive but still just as refreshing.

Eau de Toilette - This type of fragrance is also made from perfume oil and alcohol, to give it a strong scent to make it last throughout the day.

As the year goes on, the weather changes meaning your perfume will change. Each fragrance, which has been designed and created by top end designers and celebrities, most probably has a certain time of year when it should be worn. Scents last alot longer during warmer months because your skin is hydrated and the moisture helps hold the fragrance on your skin. We advise you wear lighter fragrances during spring and summer and heavier scents during autumn and winter.

Notes and scents
Most fragrances have a range of notes running through them which are released throughout the day. Some fragrances could smell spicy one hour and sweet the next. If you’re unsure about what types of scents you’re
interested in, here are some terms which can help:

Floral Scents - Floral scents are created by using sweetly smelling flowers such as lavender, rose, carnation, orange blossom, violets and many more.

Fresh Scents - Fresh scents include orange, lemon, lime, fresh grass and apples as well as many others. These ingredients are clean and crisp making them perfect for a fragrance.

Oriental Scents - These types of scents are warm and spicy, including, incense resins, amber, vanilla and musk. They make a perfume inviting and sexy.

Woody Scents - Woody scents add depth to a fragrance and give it an earthy scent. These include oakmoss, bergamot, labdanum and patchouli.

Top Tips
Some of the things you need to remember are:

1) Let all scents linger before you smell them. Some scents need time to settle before their top notes emerge. And always spray it on your skin and not on paper as it smells different on different surfaces.

2) To keep the scent around for the day, lightly spray some on your hair and the back of your neck. You could also spray some on your coat and clothes giving the fragrance something to grip onto.

3) Don’t buy the same perfume as your best friend just because you like the smell of it. Every person is different and suits different scents.

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