Friday, July 31, 2009

Product Review: Foundation Brush Comparison

A good foundation brush is as important as the foundation itself. My first foundation brush was the Essence of Beauty brush. I want to inform you that EoB make two different foundation brush; a dual tone and an orange bristle (come in a package with a concealer brush). I purchased the dual tone brush based on the good reviews it had with liquid foundation. When I got home and opened it, the handle fell apart from the rest of the brush. That should have been a sign. On my second attempt, I exchanged the broken brush for the orange bristle brush instead. This orange bristle brush is big and has good surface area. But that's about it. What I don’t like is that it tends to soak up a lot of product, clump up together, and leaves streaks. It is very frustrating to use and you have to wash it often.

Essence of Beauty and Ecotools foundatioon brush side by side

I like the Ecotools performance much better when compare to the EoB. I also like that the company is environmentally conscious. They use synthetic hair (taklon) and bamboo as handle. Their brushes are also very reasonably price; I got mine for $8. The brush is soft but dense, giving better control during application. It does streak a little, but that can be easily fixed if you go over the area again. It does not split on me the way the EoB brush does. It also does not soak up and is better at transfering product. Which mean I don’t have to clean it after every single use and it is also easy to wash. I actually don’t wear foundation much therefore, I mainly use this to blend out my under eye circle concealer and apply eyeshadow primer, which this brush make it super quick to do. Also very important, I have it for a few months, washed many times, and not even a single hair shed.

Japonesque travel size foundation brush

I also tried the Japonesque in travel size (shorter handle). I like the performance a little better than the Ecotools. I think it’s softer but just as dense. The cons are that it has a smaller head so it can be time consuming to apply foundation and it cost twice as much as the Ecotools. In regard to price, Japonesque foundation brush is still cheaper but comparable to Bobbi Brown or MAC.

I hope this review help with your search for good quality brushes without a big dent on your wallet.

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