Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Complete Guide to Different Types of Foundation Brush

Using a good foundation brush can help you achieve a sheerer yet even and flawless finish. I prefer to use a brush over sponge because a brush do not soak up as much product and therefore helps save money because you will use less foundation. Normally, a dime size drop is enough for the entire face.

The first brush on the list is the traditional flat foundation brush. It is probably one of my favorite because it is fun to use. You can read my review on Beauty of Essence, Ecotools and Japonesque here.

The second type is the stippling brush. This is a multi-purpose brush as you can use it for liquid foundation, blush, and highlight. The MAC 187 and 188 (smaller version of the 187) is very famous for this. However, you can find cheaper dupe like the Ulta Profression Highlighter and Studio Tool. They are $26 and $7 respectively versus over $40 for the MAC. I’ll do a review for these on a separate post.

The third type is a Kabuki brush. This is mainly use for applying mineral makeup foundation, but you can also use it to apply your setting powder. Though, I must warn that you will need to use a light hand. Kabuki brush is very dense so they can pick up a lot of powder.

The fourth type is the flat top brush (another name is the chisel brush). It is very similar to the Kabubi in that it is also very dense and normally use for mineral makeup foundation. As you can see from the picture, the difference is that the Kabuki has a round or dome shape head and the flat top have a flat head. Personally I think you can also use this to apply liquid foundation, in a similar manner as the stippling brush.

There you have it, the different types of foundation brush and their functionality. I hope this was helpful.

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