Friday, August 21, 2009

Product Review: Jason Natural Vitamin K Cream Plus

I feel like I have not cover as much on skincare as I should. After all, it is my love for it that transpires me to start this blog and also love makeup as well.

If you have dark under eye circles, especially if they are hereditary, you will understand that they are as annoying as wrinkle. Those dark circles do really make you look tire even when you are not. I have them since I was a teenager. Unfortunately, I can sleep for 10 hours and still have them. Granted, they are a lot lighter than if I were up all night.
Mine are purplish in color. They are cause by a) thin, transparent skin in that area and b) pool of blood probably due to weak capillaries and/or poor circulation.

According to Wikipedia, symptoms of deficiency [in Vitamin K] include heavy menstrual bleeding in women, anemia, bruising, and bleeding of the gums or nose. The article goes on to say that “Vitamin K may be applied topically - typically as a 5% cream, to diminish…broken capillaries (spider veins), and to aid in the fading of hyper pigmentation and dark under eye circles.”

Jason’s Vitamin K Cream Plus fit the bill. It has high concentration of Vitamin K. I could not find the exact percentage, but it is listed at the top (fourth) of the ingredients list. It also contains bioflavonoid and horse chestnut. All of these ingredients help tone down redness, minimize the appearance of distended blood vessels and lighten under-eye circles.

It took awhile for me to see result but I am impressed. I have some broken capillaries on my cheeks as well so I applied the cream to both my cheeks and under eye areas after cleansing about once or twice a day/ 5 days a week. I can’t remember to do it everyday. After 4 weeks, you can see a different in my cheeks. My broken capillaries shrink or fade about 50%. I am very happy about this because before I did not know that there is a way to treat this. However, I did not really see a noticeable improvement in my dark circle yet. I continue to use it for about two months now. I have to say it is the only cream that has ever helps my dark circles. It used to be this deep purplish color that has faded into a lighter discoloration. My broken capillaries also lighten considerably. A layer of tinted moisturizer is enough to cover it. The best part is I can get this at Wegmans for only $15 for a 2oz bottle, which is a lot cheaper than most eye cream out there. I also want to note that if you have dry skin, you may need another eye cream in the winter for moisturizing. Also, since there is a high concentration of Vitamin K, it will stain your nails. I suggest, apply it with a Q-tip instead.

Overall, it is a very promising product and for such a good price, it is worth the test.

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