Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Little Inn of Washington

We went to the Little Inn of Washington for a special occasion dinner. It is "the" restaurant in the Washington D.C/VA area. Ironically, it is located in a small town, part of a farm. The building and decor is old world, colonial style. I like the little garden they have in the back, it has a small koi pond. As for the food, it is definitely good but honestly for an average of $250 per person, I am not sure the food quality justify the price tag. Nonetheless, it was a special experience.

Lobster wrapped with avocado

Tuna tartar
Lobster with pickled vegetables

Fois gras with poached egg

Battered soft shell crab on top of zuchinni salad (probably my favorite dish of the night)

These were our first and second courses.  The package also include main entree and dessert of course.

Anyway, I will be heading out to France, both nervous and excited.  There will be a break in blog post but I will come back with pictures, hauls and beauty reviews of course.

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