Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Comfortable and Chic Spring/Summer Style

As I mentioned before, I am a somewhat new stay at home mom.  When I first stayed home, two things I soon realized.  The first thing was how sedentary my life was when I had a 9-5 desk job.  The second is I need a new wardrobe.  My pencil skirts and slack pants no longer fit my new lifestyle (running errands and chasing after a baby).  I need something comfortable, easy to move around, but still look good and chic.  Although this may be my everyday wear, I am sure it will fit into your casual Friday and weekend wear.

(Gap)  Lets start with a no brainer item, a shirt dress.  Thrown on a sandle or flat and you have an outfit.  If you want more, throw on a belt to give yourself a little shape.

(Joe Fresh) You can't talk about comfort without the mention of a basic t-shirt.  It is easy to expand and spice up your basic tee collection this season with stripes and floral.

(Old Navy) Printed short.  I am sure we all have some plain t-shirt laying around.  Pair that with a printed short and you have a cute, effortless look.

(Loft)  My all time favorite, Maxi dress.  They are feminine and comfortable...enough of a reason.

(JCrew)  Color bottom.  Color and print pant expand your wardrobe and they are generally more comfortable than skirt.  No need to worry too much when you have to bend over to pick up something, you know what I mean.

(Camper)  Ditch the heels and stick to flat.  I actually own this Camper Casi Casi pair and at first, I was not sure if it is worth it (price at $145).  However, after a few weeks, I realize since it is neutral, it is very versatile, goes with almost everything and it is also really comfy.

(Nordstrom)  Last but not least, the essential cross body bag.  There are so many pretty color for Spring and Summer and much more comfortable than shoulder bag, trust me.

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  1. I love the shirt dress idea! But I'm still not use to wearing dresses/skirts yet lol



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