Thursday, June 18, 2009

Going Green? Tarte: Lash Hugger

Mascara is not something I wear everyday. But I have to say it is my most favorite cosmetic product. It makes me feel different, like wearing high heels. It is also fun to experiment.

I really like Tarte Lash Hugger as the ingredients are natural which suppose to do no harm to your lashes. It shows because it’s the easiest to remove mascara ever. It contains olive ester to condition and protect your lashes. There are no preservatives, paraben, or dye. Also comes in a recycled aluminum tube.

I also LOVE the brush. I think its best that I do a pro and con list as we all look for different things in our mascara, depending on the nature of your lashes.


  • Natural Ingredients

  • Easy to remove, it just comes of when you wash your face and no leftover residue

  • Separating (no spidery legs)

  • Somewhat volumizing

  • No clump, smudge or flake

  • Excellent brush


  • Does not lengthen much

  • Does not hold curls

  • A little wet at first but thicken up nicely after a few uses

It will give your lashes a naturally defining look, which can be a pro/con depending on your preference.

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