Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween: Leopard Look Tutorial

This is the look I did for last year Halloween party.  I procrastinated, did not have enough time to order the costume I wanted online and could not find anything I like in store.  So, I decided to put together something relatively easy myself.  This was what I came up with so hope you guys like it. 

Here is what you will need:
-  Urban Decay Naked Palette (Or any neutral eyeshadow will do) 
-  Black Pencil Eyeliner
-  Brown Pencil Eyeliner
-  Black Liquid or Gel Eyeliner
-  Mascara
-  False Lashes
-  Leopard Head Band and Tail (not shown, I misplaced mine, sorry) - bought mine from Party City, sold separately, about $5-6 each.  It is something I am pretty certain will be in stock again this year.

Here is the design up close.

How To:
-  Do your base makeup as you normally would and apply bronzer, I would avoid any pink blush.
-  I applied a wash of "half baked" from the UD Naked Pallett all over the eyelid.
-  For the leopard print, start with either a black gel or liquid liner, draw a half uneven circle.  Then draw the other half but do not connect the two to make a circle.  Repeat, all over your eyelids and a few on your upper cheeks.  They do not have to be perfect or identical, actually the varieties in shapes and sizes make it more real.
-  Depending on how dark your complexion is, you can fill them in with either "buck" or "wheat".
-  Line both your upper lash line and waterline with black eyeliner.
-  Apply mascara and false lashes.

That is it, you are now done with your eyes makeup.  Lets move onto the snout.

-  Start by drawing 3 dots in a triangle on the side of your nose, using a brown eyeliner pencil.
-  Draw 3 whiskers on each side of your face using a black eyeliner pencil.  Make sure they are where you like them to be, then trace them over with a black gel liner for staying power. 
-  Draw some more brown dots along your upper lips.
-  Draw a black vertical line above your cupid bow and smudge it a little bit.
-  Now draw a snout on the tip of your nose.  It is almost a shape of a heart (see image above).  You can go over with black get liner for staying power.  You then "lightly" fill it in with a pink cream blush.  If you don't have a pink cream blush, a lasting lipstick should also work.

That is it, you're now done.  I know the direction seem really long, I was just trying to be details but it is not as hard as it sounds.


  1. so adorable! i want that headband :D

  2. Thank you. Here is one similar to it.

  3. Love the makeup! You did it so cleanly!



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