Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How Would You Rate Sephora's Customer Service?

I am sure many of you shopped during Sephora's current friends and family event.  Did you get what you wanted?  Did you run into any problem?

I placed my order on 10/20, the first day of the sale, just to make sure I got everything I wanted.  I got an order confirmation email but I waited and waited and never got a shipment confirmation email.  Today, 10/25, I called to check on the status.  It turned out that 2 of the items I ordered is out of stock so they cancelled my order.  There were other items that I ordered so I asked to have the rest of the items process.  They can't do that either.  Why?  I placed my order with an e-gift certificate combine with a credit card.  Apparently my $50 e-gift certificate status is "been used" and there is nothing the customer representative can do about it other than advise me to wait 2-3 days and try again. 

Here are the problems with this situation:
-Why would the system allow me to check out when an item(s) is "not in stock"?

-My order was cancelled, how come I did not get an email notifying me that there is a problem and my order is cancelled?

-My order is cancelled, I got no good yet I can't use my e-gift certificate to place another order?  Try again in a few days to see if it will process does not sound assuring at all.  What if it does not work?  I lost $50 bucks?  A customer should never be left hanging in the dark like that.

-I will either miss the sale or in this case unable to reuse the 20% coupon since it is a one time use only.

-I used the 100-points to redeem an item, did not get the item and lost the points.

Finger crossed that nothing will be charge to my credit card and that in a few days, I can use my e-gift certificate.  Otherwise, this will waste more of my time.  I am one of those people that is willing to pay a little more for good service and customer service is so important, it is almost like insurance, a peace of mind.

I hope you guys have a better experience. 

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