Thursday, November 4, 2010

Korres Lip Butter in New Packaging: Lip Butter Glaze

I love the original Korres Lip Butter. It has natural ingredients, hydrate, and keeps my lips soft. It is also quite pigmented and long lasting for a lip treatment. The one thing that annoys me is that I don’t like to dip my finger it in. So, I constantly have to use it with a lip brush. I am more than thrill that these are now newly package and its new name is Korress Lip Butter Glaze. These are $14 compare to $10 from the original but you will also be getting more product, as they come in a new .34 fl oz vs. .21 fl oz jar. Actually if you do the math (I won’t go into details), the new lip butter is cheaper by $6 per fluid ounce. Yay!

Update: Sorry that I had misinformed you, the Lip Butter Glaze is not the Lip Butter in a new package but indeed a total new product in itself. It has all the same shades as the Lip Butter and last month another blogger, Muse from musingsofamuse said the Lip Butter has new packaging so when I finally see it on sale at Korres, I thought... Sorry again for the confusion. Thank you to Caitlyn, Korres representative, for pointing this out.

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