Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nails Saver! OPI Drip Dry Drop

It is a liquid design to speed up the drying process of your painted nails. You paint your nails like you normally do. Afterward, wait for 60 seconds, then place 1-2 drops to each nails. They should be dry to touch in 60 seconds and completely dry in 5 minutes.

Price: $11.50 for only 9ml (.3oz) at Ulta

Pros: When you have 4-5 coats of nail polish (including base and top coat), for me, it takes at least 1 hours for them to completely dry. I honestly don’t have the patient for it and always chip my nails before they are fully dried. OPI Dry Drop Drip is the perfect solution to my problem. It works as promise. Your nail is dry to touch almost immediately after you apply it and will be completely dry in 5 minutes. I just love it.

Cons: Nada. The only con would probably be I wish I discovered it sooner.

Overall: At first, I thought the price I paid was expensive for such a small bottle. I quickly came to realize that I don’t need much. Just two tiny drops per nail. It’s such a time and hassle saver. Love it and would totally recommend. Rating 5/5.

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