Monday, November 8, 2010

Review Amore Pacific Time Response Skin Renewal SPF 18 Foundation

I was passing by the Amore Pacific counter when a SA pulled me over. She got beautiful fair skin with a very cute Aussie accent. She introduced me to their foundation which is way out of my price range. Such a sweet lady, she did a match for me and gave me like 20 packets of sample in not one but two different shades to play with. Rarely do you ever meet a SA this nice or generous.

Packaging: It is elegantly packaged in a pump where you press the top down.

Price: $90, available at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman.

Pros: Oh, where do I begin? This foundation is very pigmented. I use “less” than a pea size for my entire face and it’s plenty. Since it is so pigmented, I can get a good medium to full coverage with a sheer layer, which makes your skin look more natural than if you were to pile on a couple layers. It is also very blendable, smooth, does not accentuate dry patches. It gives long lasting, natural satin finish that does not turn cakey or oxidize as the day goes by.

Cons: I honestly can’t think of anything negative performance wise. However, it is really expensive for a foundation. Also, it has added fragrance which I find a little strong.

I also wish the second lightest shade, 102 has more of a yellow undertone (it’s neutral). This last point is not a con in general but more of a personal preference of mine.

Overall: Probably too pricey as your everyday foundation but definitely worth it for special occasions. Rating 5/5

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