Monday, November 15, 2010

Barista Bath and Body Products Review

Awhile back, I introduced to you a new company called Barista Bath and Body. You can read more about them here. I have been using their bath and body products and I have to say, I am impress with certain products.

Perk It Up Energizing Shampoo – Got to be my favorite. It smells so good, just like freshly made coffee. For a product that does not contain SLS, it lathers and cleanses really well. I think it makes my hair shinier as well.

Sooth Those Jitters Moisturizing Conditioner – It does not smells as good as the shampoo, actually I can hardly smell anything. Some day, I find that it does not moisturize enough. To me, it is just okay, nothing special.

Triple Shot Body Wash – Smells lovely, lathers and cleanses well, just like their shampoo. I love how it does not leave my skin feeling dry afterward.

Room for Cream Moisturizer – This cream should be package in a jar or a squeeze tube (with softer plastic). It’s really hard to get the product to squeeze out which is annoying. The cream itself is moisturizing without being greasy, absorb easily.

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