Thursday, May 19, 2011

What is New at DHC? Q10 Moisture Care Makeup!

I notice that DHC is coming out with a lot of new products lately.  A few months ago, they came out with 2 new hair treatment products.   Recently they just came out with the new line of Q10 Moisture Care Makeup to replace their discontinued Q10 Foundation.  Since I love their old foundation, I am looking forward to try this new line.  The only downside is that I notice a $10 price difference, the Q10 Base Makeup is retail for $28 whereas it used to be around $17. However, for what you would consider a department store brand, their price is not too bad.

There is also the new Moisture Care Liquid Lipcolor.  It comes in four shades and contains Q10 and oat kernel extract to nourish your lips.

Have you try these?

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