Monday, August 9, 2010

Tips for Engagement Session

I love engagement session; I had a lot of fun doing mine. It is informal, fun, and a time when you get to use your creativity. Having been there, done that, the best advice I can give is to know what you want, pick a theme. Do you want it to be a laid back time at the beach, cool hip urban, or outdoor adventure, etc.? How you want your pictures to look will determine what you wear and how you do your makeup and hair. It seems simple but sometime you just forget and don’t think about it. Another thing is, bring an extra spare outfit and touch up makeup. Also, have a back up plan for inclement weather.

I meant to share some of my pictures to show how a great photographer can capture insane lighting but I never get around to it. Now that I tried to upload them, I think the file is too large for blogger or something, I keep getting error messages. So this is the only picture that came through =( I tried. This was taken in the beautiful city of San Francisco.

I was bless to book with Sam Hassas as my wedding photographer. I think he's one of the best from West Coast. Beside his amazing talent and vision, he is also a total sweetheart to work with. If you are camera shy, don't worry, he'll make you feel comfortable. So, if you are in the Bay Area, you are in luck. He also does destination, like with mine. No, I am not getting pay to say this, he doesn't even know I have a blog. This rave is just pure love for Sam :)

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