Thursday, October 21, 2010

Review L’Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base

L’Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base is a base primer that promises to fill in lines and pores. It’s magic in a bottle.

Price: Around $13 from drugstores.

Pros: Oh my gosh, I love this for my giant pores. Out of all the primers I have tried, this is hand down the best at covering those pores. It’s due to the paste like consistency. Also, when I wear this alone without foundation, it blurs out imperfections, making them less noticeable.

Cons: I can really see people hate the jar packaging because you have to use your finger to scoop it out. To be fair, because of its paste like consistency, it may be too thick to package in a tube? Also, I have been testing this for a few months, at one point, my skin was really dehydrated. I put moisturizer on and within 2 hours my skin feels tight and foundation goes on flaky. I notice that even with primer, I can still get flaky but it does helps, just won’t eliminate them.

Overall: When my skin was going through a flaky, dehydrated stage, this primer did not solve that problem. However, it may be unfair to expect a primer to helps foundation applies more smoothly on problematic skin. As for pores, I think this is outstanding. It also helps de-shine greasy sunscreen. Thumbs up from me.

Disclosure: The product(s) being review was purchased by me for personal use or review purpose.

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