Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Reviva Labs Collagen Fibre Eye Mask

Reviva Labs Collagen Fibre Eye Pad Kit contains four pair of eye pads and a bottle of Skin Energizing Gel.  Let’s start with how to use these eye pads.  You first apply the gel under your eye and then you place the pad on top of the gel.  Next, take a damp cloth or cotton pad, dab it on top of the pad to help it adhere.  Wait for 15-20 minutes then peel it off. 

Price: $38 for 1 kit.

Pros: Personally I like mask, they are fun, especially for your eyes. I experience no irritation. It tingles a bit but went away after a minute. Upon removal, you will notice temporary firmness, brightening, and smoothness.

Cons: Nothing really as long as you have realistic expectation. Realize that there is currently no cream or mask in the market that can instantly lift and erase wrinkles “permanently”; we just simply don’t have that technology. Also, I used 3 pair of pad so far and still have 95% of the gel left; I wish they give more pads in a box as it is kind of expensive. However, refill pads are available for purchase.

Overall: This is a great option for a at home spa day or right before a special event. The firming and brightening effect give you a lifted, more rested look. I imagine the smoothness should also help with makeup going on better.  Rating: 4/5.

Disclosure: This review contains sample sent for consideration. The review is base on my honest personal opinions and experiences

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