Monday, February 14, 2011

Got2Be Guardian Angel 425 Degrees Heat Protect ‘n Curl Iron Spray and Gloss Finish

Happy Valentine Beauties!  I hope everyone have a sweet sweet time today, whether it is with a significant other or with your friends.  Moving on to the review...

I like to be as low maintenance as possible and still look good when it comes to my hair. I don’t use a lot of product, just the basic shampoo and conditioner most days and now that I have long hair, a few drops of serum to detangle. So, unless I see a noticeable difference, I won’t even bother adding anything else to the routine.

Price: $10

Pros: It smells really nice; it makes my hair soft and shiny without weighting it down. Most importantly, it helps my hair hold its curls. I have naturally wavy hair. However, lately, I am not sure if my hair’s structure changed or because it’s getting longer and heavier but it doesn’t seem to hold curl like it used it. Also, unless I curl my hair the same day as I washed it otherwise, if I wait till the next day, good luck. This allows me the option to curl my hair the next day if I want to and best of all, it does not make my hair crunchy at all.

You can see here that it is frizzy and kind of brittle hence, I didn't look too happy :)

The act of heat curling itself smooth out your hair.  However, this spray gives it more shine, softer and longer lasting curls.  It will hold till the next day with some loosening.

Cons: It is hard to find, I couldn’t find it at Target or Ulta, which does carries Got2Be. I had to order mine from Amazon.

Overall: It helps my hair hold curls, soft, shiny, smell good…what is there not to like? I just wish Ulta carries this.  Rating: 5/5.

Disclosure: The product(s) being review was purchased by me for personal use or review purpose.

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  1. Happy Chinese New Year BC :) & thanks for the review I love how the curls turn out on your hair the product did a great job!!! :)



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