Thursday, March 31, 2011

Clinique Lash Power Mascara Review

Clinique Lash Power Mascara is a long lasting smudge proof mascara.

Price: $15.50 each.  Available at Clinique counters or Sephora.

Pros: They were not kidding when they said it is smudge proof. I frequently have issue with mascara smudging but even after I felt asleep, had teary eyes, I found no smudges. I am also a fan of their small spool brush; it allows you to get the corner lashes. It also separate exceptionally well.

Cons: Now it’s a little bit easier to clean as the formula thicken a little maybe? When I first started using this, it was a pain the ass to clean. It came off in tiny flakes that are all over your eyes and doesn’t rinse off easily. I had to wipe my eyes multiple times which I hate because all the tugging can cause sensitivity and possible wrinkle. Another negative is that it can flakes sometime.

Overall: It gives decent length, separate well, and best of all, worry free smudge proof. There is not much volume so you may need a primer or layer it over another mascara. I do hate the removing part of this though. Rating: 4/5

Bare / With Mascara


With Mascara (1 coat)

Disclosure: The product(s) being review was purchased by me for personal use or review purpose.

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